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Discs of Tron champion: Gbot

Gbot has entered The Grid

UPDATE 1/13/2011: We got some of the original footage up on our secondary YouTube account now. The Power Surge show is all we have for now, but Gbot might have some Laserman somewhere on his hard drive. We’ll get that up when we find it.

Hey remember those ElecTRONica images we posted awhile back? Well that episode never made it off the drawing board because they were filmed with a camera that saved files in some weird format that the editing software couldn’t handle. Our Oktoberfest episode met the same fate.

Since the movie is coming out this weekend (I’ve been getting reading by playing some Tron Evolution on Xbox), we have posted some of the images from our “lost” episode on our Facebook page.

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What an awesome night. This is an amazing promotion they are running. Everyone should go check it out.

If you like Tron, you’ll love ElecTRONica!

Greetings user

Gbot has his identity disc!

I think that would fit Gbot

Costumes from the movie are on display.