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There isn’t a real Bluth banana stand, but frozen bananas actually are a popular item in Orange County. Dad’s Donuts and Sugar N Spice both claim to be the “original”. This week, Gbot visits both.


It’s our special Canada episode, shot entirely in Orange County, CA! This was pretty hard as there isn’t really anything Canadian around here at all. We got some Ducks hockey, cheap Canadian beers, and found a place that served poutine. Sorry Canada for summing up your country with hockey, beer, and fries.

“A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz.”

Bogart said it best. Although Gbot doesn’t go to a ball park this week, he does try two legendary hot dogs; although they are legendary for their own reasons. Pink’s is a LA institution (soon to open a branch in LAX) while Costco is just a legendary value.

Our first HD episode of Gbot’s TnA is up! Join Gbot as he tries 3 burger chains with devoted followings. Which is your favorite?

GBron James to announce his “decision” soon

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Who's cuisine will reign supreme?


In our next episode we will be taking a look at burgers from 3 places with loyal followings. Join us as we try burgers from In-N-Out, Fatburger, and 5 Guys.

Our premiere episode is now online. A little rough, but not bad for a first episode if I must say so myself. Tell us what you think.