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This is our second video this week. It is a quick look at the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker, CA. If you’ve done the drive from LA to Vegas, you’ve probably seen their signs on the way there. One day we decided to check them out in Baker and we were impressed by how good their jerky is. We have been stopping there on the way to Vegas ever since. It is a cool, quirky store that sells really good jerky. In addition to jerky they also sell nuts, hot sauce, candy, souvenirs, and the widest array of energy drinks I’ve ever seen. They’ve recently added an alien Barack Obama display. Baker is also home to the world’s tallest thermometer, which is kind of disappointing since it is just a digital thermometer built into a big pole. We wanted to see a giant tube of mercury.

We have 2 videos for you this week. The first of which is this short where Gbot plays with the Art-o-mat located in the Cosmopolitan. This is our final Gbot in Las Vegas video for now. Until next time Vegas, Gbot has left the building.

Discs of Tron champion: Gbot

Gbot has entered The Grid

UPDATE 1/13/2011: We got some of the original footage up on our secondary YouTube account now. The Power Surge show is all we have for now, but Gbot might have some Laserman somewhere on his hard drive. We’ll get that up when we find it.

Hey remember those ElecTRONica images we posted awhile back? Well that episode never made it off the drawing board because they were filmed with a camera that saved files in some weird format that the editing software couldn’t handle. Our Oktoberfest episode met the same fate.

Since the movie is coming out this weekend (I’ve been getting reading by playing some Tron Evolution on Xbox), we have posted some of the images from our “lost” episode on our Facebook page.

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D23 Zorro Panel

Posted: January 7, 2011 by gbotstna in Los Angeles, mini adventures
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A while ago we were lucky enough to attend a D23 event at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. The event included a screening of Sign of Zorro. Before the film, we were treated to a short panel discussion with the wife and son of Zorro himself.

Note: this video is note posted on our main YouTube account since we’re not sure if this type of video is OK for partner accounts.

What an awesome night. This is an amazing promotion they are running. Everyone should go check it out.

If you like Tron, you’ll love ElecTRONica!

Greetings user

Gbot has his identity disc!

I think that would fit Gbot

Costumes from the movie are on display.

Update: An exclusive full frame version of this video can now be found on Gbot’s Facebook page. Follow the link to the right (or use this link, LIKE us, and look for it under the videos tab. More Facebook exclusives will be posted in the future.

Check out the first installment of our new semi-regular series: Gbot’s Mini Adventures. In this installment, we’ll see what happens when a labor union tries to protest outside the happiest place on Earth.

We’re working to make all future episodes viewable in HD. We’ve recently upgraded our software and a new HD camera is on the way. Stay tuned folks, it’s only going to get better from here!

Gbot’s Mini Adventures

Posted: October 10, 2010 by gbotstna in mini adventures, Preview

Sometimes we catch some interesting or funny footage while we’re shooting on location. We wanted to share these clips with our viewers, but couldn’t find a way to fit them into our weekly Travels & Adventures episodes. Now we have decided to feature this extra footage in a series of shorts called Gbot’s Mini Adventures. The first Mini Adventure will be up shortly.