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Posted: December 1, 2010 by gbotstna in bizarre foods, Episodes, Food
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If you don’t know what balut is, watch this video. If you do know what balut is, watch this video. Either way, be prepared to see Gbot eat the most challenging thing he’s ever encountered. And he thought durian was bad…


Just kidding. This is Gbot getting lost. No smoke monsters, islands, or crazy mathematical codes. Gbot hates math.

This week, Gbot plays mad scientist and combines two tasty treats to create the donut-dog: a bacon wrapped hot dog fried inside a donut. He also creates two other bacon donuts. Will these crazy creations taste good or just give Gbot a heart attack?

This week, join Gbot as he tries some foul smelling foods.

Happy Halloween everyone. In this horror themed episode, Gbot shares some of his worst dining experiences including “Chinese” food in LA’s Chinatown and an encounter with the infamous Orochan special #2. Gbot’s TnA: now in 1080p.

Check out this week’s all new episode as Gbot visits a Korean festival and enjoys some traditional Korean foods as well as some not so traditional Korean tacos.

Our first HD episode of Gbot’s TnA is up! Join Gbot as he tries 3 burger chains with devoted followings. Which is your favorite?

Things get a little out of hand this week when Gbot is challenged to crawfish eating contest by his buddy Cody.

Our premiere episode is now online. A little rough, but not bad for a first episode if I must say so myself. Tell us what you think.