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What an awesome night. This is an amazing promotion they are running. Everyone should go check it out.

If you like Tron, you’ll love ElecTRONica!

Greetings user

Gbot has his identity disc!

I think that would fit Gbot

Costumes from the movie are on display.


Happy Halloween everyone. In this horror themed episode, Gbot shares some of his worst dining experiences including “Chinese” food in LA’s Chinatown and an encounter with the infamous Orochan special #2. Gbot’s TnA: now in 1080p.

Check out this week’s all new episode as Gbot visits a Korean festival and enjoys some traditional Korean foods as well as some not so traditional Korean tacos.


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Variety is the spice of life. I just wish these things were actually spicy.

Our first HD episode of Gbot’s TnA is up! Join Gbot as he tries 3 burger chains with devoted followings. Which is your favorite?

Update: An exclusive full frame version of this video can now be found on Gbot’s Facebook page. Follow the link to the right (or use this link, LIKE us, and look for it under the videos tab. More Facebook exclusives will be posted in the future.

Check out the first installment of our new semi-regular series: Gbot’s Mini Adventures. In this installment, we’ll see what happens when a labor union tries to protest outside the happiest place on Earth.

We’re working to make all future episodes viewable in HD. We’ve recently upgraded our software and a new HD camera is on the way. Stay tuned folks, it’s only going to get better from here!

Gbot’s Mini Adventures

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Sometimes we catch some interesting or funny footage while we’re shooting on location. We wanted to share these clips with our viewers, but couldn’t find a way to fit them into our weekly Travels & Adventures episodes. Now we have decided to feature this extra footage in a series of shorts called Gbot’s Mini Adventures. The first Mini Adventure will be up shortly.

GBron James to announce his “decision” soon

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Who's cuisine will reign supreme?


In our next episode we will be taking a look at burgers from 3 places with loyal followings. Join us as we try burgers from In-N-Out, Fatburger, and 5 Guys.

Things get a little out of hand this week when Gbot is challenged to crawfish eating contest by his buddy Cody.

Our premiere episode is now online. A little rough, but not bad for a first episode if I must say so myself. Tell us what you think.